The Healthy Entrepreneur 


6 week online nutrition protocol for creative entrepreneurs with Alyssa Coleman


Can you barely get out of bed in the morning, but somehow lay awake all night? No amount of concealer can hide those undereye circles! 

Do your mood swings have you feeling like Britney Spears circa 2007; especially before your coffee? 

Are you feeling stressed out, burnt out & uninspired? 

Are you worried that you’ll never lose that belly fat? Even though you eat healthy and you’re completely exhausted after working out? 

I’m here to offer you another option.

I know where you're coming from 

holistic nutritionist for entrepreneurs

 I felt the exact same way; while creating my online nutrition business &working from home, I was eating healthy and consistently working out. 

Ironically, my yoga pants started to feel a little bit tight, I was craving salty foods like crazy. Chips and pizza anyone? and I could barely function without at least 2 cups of coffee. WHAT THE HELL?! 

I began to feel burnt out, stressed out, majorly anxious and insecure about my body, I even put off travel plans in order to avoid being seen in a bikini. 


then I figured it out.. 


..I studied every textbook I could get my hands on to figure out where these symptoms were coming from. Wasn’t I doing everything right? NOPE. – Turns out I was doing everything wrong, what conventional wisdom on “being healthy” forgot to mention is that every-damn-body is different. 

Once I took into consideration my body’s biochemical individuality and made some key lifestyle changes, I felt like myself again. Coffee stopped being my lifeline and became a decadent indulgence I could actually enjoy. My weight stopped fluctuating, and I stopped feeling shitty after meals. If you want to chat about your biochemical individuality apply for a free assessment with me. 


What I learned along the way is that once I made my self care a priority I had more energy, I was more productive and WAY more inspired. I realized I was my business’ #1 asset and it was my responsibility to make self care part of my business plan. 

I did the research so you dont have to 

alyssa coleman holistic nutritionist for entrepreneurs

Since then, I have made it my mission to get this protocol out there for chicks just like you & me. 

Together we will explore your unique symptoms & lifestyle to create a specific program just for you.- Alyssa Coleman

This program is perfect for you if...

  •  you’re a passionate entrepreneur who wants to invest in herself & her business 
  •  you’re ready to inject purpose & mindfulness into your life 
  •  you’re a free spirited babe who feels restricted by rigid diet plans  
  •  you want to feel rejuvenated in the mornings & ditch your mood swings 
  •  you want to feel confident in (and out of) any outfit 
  •  you’ll learn exactly what I did to double my productivity & creativity 
  •  you want to discover the 3 daily actions holding you back from LOVING your body

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If you are stressed out, working too much & exhausted this can wreak havoc on your body and leave you with anxiety, acne, and a spare tire. 

The healthy entrepreneur anti-diet protocol will help you remember what it’s like to feel care-free & clear headed. 

This protocol is specifically designed to help creative entrepreneurs like you lose weight & feel incredible even if you like to break the rules of conventional diets 

This protocol will give you more energy, mor confidence, and more productivity.